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Leather Personalised Coordinates Bracelet, Personalized Latitude Longitude Bracelet in 12 colors

Unisex Personalised Cooordinates BraceletJust add the Coordinates you want engraved.If you want a Heart image, then type (h)If you want an Infinity Symbol, then type (i)Example 1: 35° 24’ 00.9” N, 25° 02’ 10.3" E  Example 2: 35° 24’ 00.9” N, 25° 02’ 10.3" E (h)***Please include the Brackets around the Symbols othwerwise we can't differentiate a symbol from a character***★CHOOSING THE RIGHT SIZE. This is just a guide.Measure your wrist exactly (very important), and ADD 2cm for a snug fit, or 3cm if you prefer a looser fit. For example, if your wrist measures 16cm exactly, and you prefer a loose fit, then order a 19cm Bracelet,W H A T  Y O U  W I L L  R E C E I V E:► A Leather Bracelet► Supplied in a Eco Sleeve.