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Personalised Adjustable Coordinates Leather Bracelet - Any Engraving.

Personalized Leather adjustable Coordinates Location Bracelet, for men or women.Adjustable Bracelet, one size fits all, no need to guess if it's to be presented as a gift.To calculate your preferred coordinates from an address or Post Code, use this link Type the address in the "Place name" box, and the coordinates will appear underneath "GPS Coordinates. Or if you prefer, simply supply us the Post Code or address. The Back can also be engraved with a hidden message if you wish. All engraving is included


Leather Personalised Coordinates Bracelet, Personalized Latitude Longitude Bracelet in 12 colors

Unisex Personalised Cooordinates BraceletJust add the Coordinates you want engraved.If you want a Heart image, then type (h)If you want an Infinity Symbol, then type (i)Example 1: 35° 24’ 00.9” N, 25° 02’ 10.3" E  Example 2: 35° 24’ 00.9” N, 25° 02’ 10.3" E (h)***Please include the Brackets around the Symbols othwerwise we can't differentiate a symbol from a character***★CHOOSING THE RIGHT SIZE. This is just a guide.Measure your wrist exactly (very important), and ADD 2cm for a snug fit, or 3cm if you prefer a looser fit. For example, if your wrist measures 16cm exactly, and you prefer a loose fit, then order a 19cm Bracelet,W H A T  Y O U  W I L L  R E C E I V E:► A Leather Bracelet► Supplied in a Eco Sleeve.