How can I get a custom or personalised item?
We absolutely want to create a custom piece you want to own and love. All of our items can be customised. Just put your custom text in the box on the item page.
If you have a question, want to make sure your text will fit or need anything else, contact us and we will answer any question you have.

How do I take care of my leather?
Leather should not be fully submerged in water. We seal it to be lightly waterproof so if it gets damp while washing your hands or walking in the rain it will be ok. Do not wear it in the shower.

My leather is very stiff. How can I soften it?
Not to worry! That is a normal effect which is part of the hand dyeing process. If you use and wear the leather it will soften up like a well-worn belt.

What size bracelet do I need?
Please check our Bracelet Sizer Chart on each Bracelet product. 

I'm ordering this as a gift and I can't measure the recipients wrist. What do I do?I
We offer a large number of adjustable items that will fit any size wrist. For example all of our wrap bracelets are perfect for this. If you'd like to order a cuff you can contact us with the recipients gender, height and weight and we will tell you what size you should order.

I don't live in the UK. Do you ship to my country?
Yes. We ship everywhere the mail goes. However you need to plan for extra shipping time if you need it by a specific date. Usually, it takes 2-3 weeks to arrive. However, it can be faster or slower than that depending on how long your country takes to process items through customs and how fast your local delivery service.

My cuff doesn't fit. Can you resize it?
Yes if not personalised. Contact us with your order number and explain what the problem is. We will let you know what to do and where you can ship your item. Once we receive it we will get it out to you as fast as possible.

Help! My package didn't arrive! What do I do?
Every item we ship has a tracking number, which is scanned when we bring your item to the post office. We have no control over what happens, or how often the post office scans your item after it leaves our home. Find your tracking number and put it in the search box on the www.trackingmore.com website to find out what information the post office has about your package.

If that doesn't help, you should call or visit your local post office and give them your tracking number. Often when they searching for the item in their system helps it be found and delivered.

Sometimes they can be delivered to your neighbours house, so check there too!

If you've contacted your local post office and it still can't be found contact us with your order number.

I don't like my item and I'd like to return it for a refund.
We are so sorry you are unhappy with your purchase. Please contact us and we will try our best to fix your item so you are happy with it. However, if you still want a refund we accept returned items for a full refund if you contact us with in 30 days of receiving the item. Please be sure to include your order number in the package and in any email you send to us.

Do you sell consignment or wholesale?
At this time we do not sell on consignment. However, we are absolutely seeking wholesale opportunities. Please contact us. We would love to send you details and answer any questions you might have.

All wholesale items can be made to your specific needs to sell in your market.